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Outdoor Living In NW PA With themanfromvan

Just A Little About Myself.....

Just A Little About Myself.....
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It All Began With A Blue Schwinn Stingray....


Since a very early age, I have had a passion for bicycles and bicycle riding. Unfortunately, during my adolescent and teenage years, my daredevil nature led to things like "jumping" and BMX. Now, some 30 years, numerous broken bones and three capped teeth later, I've opted for a little slower pace. With my bike, a couple of water bottles and my camera, I've taken a whole new appreciation to being "up on two wheels".


Recently, I have combined an interest in photography with my love of cycling. In the spring of 2006, I decided that I was going to attempt to photograph as much of the over 60 miles of recreational trails available to me as possible. Armed with a film camera, I took to the trails with a vengence. My early photos were mediocre, at best. In August 2006, after a fiasco in film developing, I purchased a small, inexpensive digital camera. Why didn't I get one sooner? The difference in picture quality is astounding. And, I am not at the mercy of someone processing my film !!

themanfromvan at Justus Lake - photo by Robert

Campsite #9 - Clear Creek State Park

Besides bicycling, I was also instilled with a love for camping and paddle sports. As a child, I camped in the backwoods of the Allegheny National Forest near Marienville with my parents and sister. As a teenager, I camped and canoed with my Boy Scout troop along the Allegheny River. This love for the outdoors has carried into adulthood and now I camp with my own family at state parks in PA and continue to explore the local lakes and watersheds.

Some of our favorite places to camp include Pennsylvania's Clear Creek State Park, Chapman State Park and Parker Dam State Park. In Ohio, we have had the pleasure of visiting Mosquito Lake and West Branch state parks. With Clear Creek being closed for renovations in 2008, we are 'expanding our territories' and plan to visit places like Woodcock Dam and Cook Forest. We are truly blessed to live in an area with such diversified recreational facilities.

A Picnic Table Along The Allegheny River Trail

Kayaking On Justus Lake - August 31, 2008

All photos on this site were taken by and are the property of themanfromvan. If you feel inclined to download one to share with a friend or use for computer wallpaper, that's cool by me. Just don't claim the photo as your own. Okay?